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Shopping Trip!

August 12th, 2009 at 06:14 am

For us, CVS is the budget wooden stake. Nothing can kill the budget faster than a quick trip to CVS. Faced with hours of back pain, I broke my no-spending run for a trip to CVS. I probably could have done better if I'd thought to search for a coupon on-line before I went -but I'm going to take my attempt at frugality as a victory, all the same.

Here's my report:

Nylons were buy one get one 50% off, 2 to a package: $6.00;
Centrum vitamins were 50% off (they'll expire in 12 months -next month they can't sell them): $6.50;
Batteries: $5.99 (Reimbursed office expense)
Thermacare back heating pad: $6.99

I had a $13.00 in Extra Bucks.

Total: $6.49 (not bad!)

The Dreaded Weekend

August 7th, 2009 at 06:44 am

The weekend is our family's budgeting nightmare. When it comes to the weekend, I am weak. After fighting with everyone all week (no, you can't have that, we're not going out to eat, and no, there's no money put aside for that), I lose my resolve over the weekend in exchange for a few moments of peace.

Before the kids were born, we lived simply, but we were out every weekend -shopping, going to museums or the movies. Even after the kids, I find we're still going out on the weekends, and whenever we leave the house - we spend. I never manage to get the kids fed before we're out, so there's always snacks and lunches, and sometimes dinners out. Every other weekend or so, we go for breakfast at a local diner. (Why, I'm not sure- the kids are not great about eating in places with actual utensils) Every weekend there's some new home related crisis involving multiple trips to the hardware store, and for some reason, the kids always need shoes. We start out with the cash method, but by the end of the weekend, that's gone and we've used the debit card too.

I'm resolved this weekend to keep the expenses down - especially since we transferred a good portion of the discretionary funds into savings accounts this month. I'll report on Monday as to my success (and failures)! Any advice on how you handle the weekend is appreciated!