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iCame, iSaw, iPad

July 12th, 2010 at 09:58 am

Last year, my husband resigned his post as a director of a leadership camp and with his resignation went the only perk of the position -the director's laptop.

We decided to purchase a device to replace the laptop and add portability to documents my husband uses in his second job. I also thought that the iPad might have practical uses in running a home and as a lawyer. I started an account at SmartyPig and quietly saved over the last year or so. Last week we brought home the iPad.

As non-Apple people, we're still trying to figure out what is obviously a great tool. It's a little like jumping into pool when you're little, and hanging on to the side of the pool where you feel comfortable...

That said, does anyone out there have suggestions on financial management apps that have been useful to you or ways to use the iPad?

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  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    You may be in luck, because I do have one and use it every day.

    Can you be more specific in terms of what kind of financial software you are looking for? For example, for basic personal finance and budgeting, there's the Zumsoft Money. I also recall some stock market apps (Bloomberg, stocktracker, and E*Trade Mobile for iPad). I don't know if there are any specifically for payrolls and stuff like that though.

    However, the iPad's Safari browser is quite robust, and it will handle any cloud apps as well, such as Mint.com or anything similar.

    Anyways, there is an entire Finance section you can look through, although robust native iPad apps that fit your needs may still be far and few in between.

    My basic impression is that it's great for media consumption, but not ideal for content creation. That is, it's great to surf the web, check the email, listen to music, stream video, and play a few games. However, for actual work such as spreadsheets, music creation, slide shows, project management, web design, and so forth, you may want to do it on a real computer.

    However, for a light computing device, and for what it can do, it does it extremely well and very quickly. Powering on is instant, and I also have a wireless keyboard with it, making typing as smooth and efficient as a laptop.

    One other downside to be aware of: It's not capable of Flash. Apple already had an ugly spat with Adobe over it, and they're basically not going to support it anytime soon.

    Hope that helps, and if you have any more questions, please let me know.

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